The HotNews Doctrina


The hotnews doctrine is one of the hottest issues in intellectual property law. The doctrine is based on the idea that news is relevant only at a particular point in time, and then becomes irrelevant. News that is used without permission is illegal copyright infringement. The HotNews website is one of the oldest news websites in Romania. Its articles and information on current events, finance, and politics attract a steady stream of visitors. Several million visitors visit the site every month.

The HotNews newsletter offers up-to-date information on SAP products and technologies. The newsletter includes useful filtering options and an RSS feed. The newsletter is free, secure, and easily delivered directly to your inbox. Subscribers can even customize their news subscription to only receive articles related to their particular application. Furthermore, HotNews features Important Notes, documents outlining the latest features of SAP products. These documents are valuable references when implementing new features or rewriting existing ones.